"Transplanting" computer parts from one to another

Započeo greglazor, 17.04.2018, 17:14

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my brother-in-law has an old Acer computer that inexplicably turned off one day and now will not boot up (no lights or anything). I am going to open it up today to check but i already suspect its a faulty PSU (any other ideas?)
Assuming its a bad PSU, i thought it would be no biggie to just buy a nice Corsair PSU from newegg to replace it with (i never saw the computer before). Well, bad news is that after some searching it appears that this particular "slim-line" X1700 Acer uses a proprietary small form factor PSU that costs an arm and a leg to buy online (this piece of junk is going to run like $80-100).
So another thought of mine was to take an old, full tower Dell my in-laws have laying around (that i could empty out) and transplant all the Acer components (sans the PSU) into the Dell case and use the Dell PSU. I am thinking in my head this should work without a hitch and it would be like nothing ever happened. Am i having a brain fart right now or does this seem like a reasonable idea?
(on a side-note ... do they make proprietary sized motherboards? i.e. is there a chance the Acer mobo wont fit in the dell?)
edit* dawned on me i might have some problems with the I/O cutout? yes or no?

Please help.

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